Know these tips before you install a door in your property

Drilling is also an important technique for installing a door. Make a shaft to widen the drilling holes on both sides of the door which serves to determine where the door handle will be applied. Do it carefully to avoid small lumps that disturb the view. After that, do a small polish using a special knife and sandpaper as finishing to look smooth. Furthermore, after the installation is completed, you may call the professional Locksmith to help you install the lock of your door.


Make a side hole

Then do the drilling again on the side of the door after marking correctly. Its function is to place the barrel on the side door hole. Make sure the drill depth is right and not too deep.

Clean the remaining wood powder from the drill so that the installation of the hook can be sterile, not clogged with powder marks. Then give touch and polish for finishing for neat and maximum results.

Mark the front cover section

Again use a pencil or pen to mark the front cover to make it clear. This step is to insert the hook and door handle into the drill hole. Next, use a sharp knife to cut around the line on the front cover. Do it carefully for neat and smooth results, then as a finishing finish using sandpaper.

Chisel the hole

Use sharp chisel when making a hook hole. Do it slowly and carefully according to the predetermined pattern. Then trim the used carving using a knife followed by a good finishing process.

Hook Mounting

When the hook hole is tidy, insert the hook in the hole located on the side of the door / front cover. Make sure the hook position is properly installed so that it doesn’t come off easily. Next, install the bolts on the upper and lower sides of the existing holes. Then tighten to stick firmly. When installed correctly, do the finishing process again for neat and maximum results.


The first step before installing the plate is to close the door to mark the frame with a hook that has been previously installed. Then attach the bolt to the top and bottom sides of the hole, tighten it so that it is firmly attached. Next, do the finishing process using sandpaper.

Mounting handle

Insert the screw into the small hole of the door that has been drilled while the bolt into the larger hole. Then attach the door handle, tighten the screws and bolts so that the door handle is firm and firm. Repeat the process on the other side of the door. Then do the finishing process using a cloth or other equipment for smooth and neat results. Then do a check to make sure the whole installation is correct. Finally, do a usage test to test the results.

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