Measure details and sketch before installing a door

Even though you already know the estimated average length of the door handle to be installed, it is better to do a repeat measurement in detail. To get comfort when used, measure the height of the door handle from the floor according to the standard. The standard height in many houses (depends on each country) usually ranges from 105-110 cm from the floor. Unlike in America and Europe, they have to adjust the average posture of their people. In the meantime, call the professional Locksmith if your new door lock is jammed or can’t be unlocked easily.

Or to make it easier, you can replicate the standard door height of a neighbor’s house or relatives to facilitate the installation of handles. Usually, the referrals are included in the package purchase handle, you only need to follow it.

Then, after measuring and marking the height of the door to which the handle will be mounted on the side, make a sketch for installation. Use a bottom door clamp to hold the door moving when working on the sketch on both sides of the door.

Next mark the part that will be installed the handle, according to the height that has been measured before. Make sure the positioning is done right and accurately on both sides of the door.

Use a pen or pencil when marking to make it clear when you want to punch it with a drill. Signs that are not clear and vague are prone to errors when drilling, and this has an impact on the eye’s unsightly results.

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