Select the door handle before installation

Before installing, make sure you have chosen the right door handle and in accordance with the required specifications. This includes designs that align with the theme of the room, size, type, and quality. Meanwhile, if the lock of your new door is jammed, don’t hesitate to call a trusted Locksmith.



Each door has a different type of handle as well as the environment and other factors where your occupancy is located. Suppose you live in a coastal area, use stainless steel handles, why? Because water and air around the beach contain salt which is corrosive which will easily affect the appearance and age of the door handle. Likewise with the type of door handle for the bathroom that is different from the bedroom. Generally the door for the bathroom has a lighter handle because it is made of plastic or PVC rather than the bedroom or front room door. This lightweight material makes it easy to open from the outside if something happens in the bathroom.

Private house door handles and rented / boarding houses or dormitory doors will also be different. Usually, it doesn’t take too much into account of the important aesthetic effects of endurance because it’s always used by many people.

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